CitriTherm with Sinetrol Review: Boost Weight Loss Naturally

Are you frustrated spending time in the gym and still not observing any significant difference in the way you look? Do you need help in losing weight? Then here comes a magical formula which promises you 100% guaranteed results when it comes to weight loss. Here we are talking about weight management supplement CitriTherm. It is a patented formula blended with bioactive polyphenols known for their supreme power to facilitate weight loss.

buy_citrithermIngredients CitriTherm is Made of

This formula is made using extracts of citrus fruits to create a synergy of bioactive polyphenols aiming at promoting weight loss. The major ingredients infused in this formulation are Sinetrol, a proprietary blend of red orange, sweet orange and grapefruit), Guarana, Green tea extracts, zinc oxide, capsule shell and chromium chloride hexadydrate.

How Does CitriTherm Works?

This formula contains Sinetrol which is nothing but a synergistic blend of bioactive polyphenols. It promotes lipolysis by inhibiting the action of phosphodiesterase 4 (PDE-4), an enzyme required for formation of triglycerides. By doing so, this key component leads to the breakdown of triglycerides that is stored in adipocytes releasing free fatty acids and glycerol. Along with this, polyphenols contained in Sinetrol helps in inducing fatty acid oxidation gene expression that promotes metabolism to use more free fatty acids to generate enhanced energy. It is believed that this supplement in addition to promoting weight loss also improves general wellness and improves alertness.

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Why to Use CitriTherm?

  • It is a scientifically proven formula which aids in weight loss.
  • This formula is made of 1005 natural ingredients without the addition of any synthetic chemical.
  • This formula exploits fat burning properties of citrus fruits.
  • It has low caffeine content and is perfectly suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
  • This solution is an ideal choice for those people who are looking for something that can help them lose weight naturally.
  • Since it does not cause any side effect or jitters, this formula is completely safe for daily consumption.


Clinical Efficiency of CitriTherm

To investigate how efficient and safe CitriTherm is when weight loss is concerned, a clinical study was performed whose results were published in 2013. This study also investigates the effects of Sinetrol on metabolic process while reducing oxidative stress. This study was performed on 95 overweight subjects. These subjects were divided into two groups; one was fed on sinetrol while the other on placebo for 12 weeks.

A reduction in abdominal body fat by 9.73% was observed in those who were given sinetrol. This reduction is 6.66% more than placebo-controlled subjects. A reduction by 5.15cm and 5.17cm was observed in waist and hip circumference respectively. This study demonstrated the efficacy of Sinetrol in encouraging lipolysis and thus weight loss.

How to take CitriTherm?

The bottle is packed with 60 capsules that are to be consumed in a month. This means you need to take 2 capsules daily, preferably one at breakfast and one at lunch. When taken regularly without skipping a single dose, this formula will let you enjoy a slim figure in just 3-4 months.

Where to buy CitriTherm with Sinetrol®?

So if you are in search of a natural way to boost weight loss, try CitriTherm with Sinetrol® today. For more assistance please contact on customer care number. Use coupon code to get a discount price on all order.


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